Educational Blogging

Splogs or spam blogs are the frowned upon versions of niche blogs. This is when a blog becomes a whole big bunch of uninformative and keyword-stuffed entries that aim to just trick search engines to throw traffic their way. This traffic is then tricked to click to advertisements or buy products from other sites that the blog owner is affiliated with.

Educational Blogging

This type of blogging has been gaining more and more popularity as instructors become more and more learned of the benefits of blogging to their teaching endeavors. Educators who focus on writing skills as their forte in teaching are fast becoming obsessed with the user-friendliness of blogs in communicating information to students while accessing technology.

Other teachers make use of blogs to impart lessons of the day or readings for the day or even schedules of quizzes and other school-related events. Blogs can be of great help, too if one prefer to learn through online education.

Blogging for Online Promotion of a Business

Business blogging or corporate blogging is also one of the most popular functions of putting up a blog. More and more large companies (those with sales of more than $50 million per year) are starting to see the importance of blogging for their businesses. What are the percentage of people earning on Adsense Blogs? And how much do they earn? Get your special $97 report on Adsense Tips and Tricks!

Aside from updating their partners, customers and potential clients about the important events and evolution of the company, corporate blogging can also aid promote further a business.

With business blogging, other individual bloggers, who may take interest in whatever announcements or updates or changes that the company is undergoing, echo what the corporate blog states. The coveted informal dialog that any kind of blog accomplishes is what makes corporate blogging an ideal tool for grassroots online marketing.How can you find high paying keywords for your Blog? Free $97 Secret Adsense Book at

There you go! Whether you want a blog to just talk about your day or to endorse your business, remember to always offer useful or enlightening content. This is what usually makes any kind of blog successful. Happy blogging!