Using Adsense To Make Your Web Site Profitable!

The one question that all internet marketers ask themselves is, how do I maximize the money making power of my web site?

Here's one answer that just might surprise you. By earning just a few dollars per click from displaying Adsense ads on your web site you can easily maximize its money making power. Many marketers are now realizing that good money can made from this incredible source of revenue.

Try this simple little mathematical computation. Let's just say, that you have a web site of 30 pages. Let's also say, that you are able to average $0.50 a day from clicks on the ads on each page. Multiply that $0.50 average times the number of pages on your website and you get a summation of your earnings. In this case it comes to $15.00 a day or $450 a month in residual income with little effort your part. Now say that you have 20 such sites averaging the same amount of income. That now gives you a nice tidy sum of $9000 a month. Not bad.

Google Adsense is an incredible opportunity for internet marketers to place relevant text-based ads on their web pages and earn substantial income in the process. The Google ads will be related to what visitors are searching for. Placing these ads in the context of relevant web page content is really a great way to enhance your income.

Exactly how much money you will earn from Adsense will greatly depend on how much the advertisers are willing to pay. It will also depend which keywords are chosen. If the keywords you chose are in high demand, you can receive more money per click. On the other hand, if your keywords are of low demand you may earn only a few pennies per click.

Here is a list of things you can do to start making profits using Adsense on your web sites?

1. Get a Google Adsense account. Its easy and shouldn't take long to complete the sign up process.

2. Once your web site is accepted by Google, you will receive a clip code to place in your web pages. You are allowed to insert this code on as many pages or web sites as you desire. The ads will start appearing shortly after that.

3. As I previously stated you will earn anywhere from a just few pennies to several dollars per click when visitors began clicking on ads displayed on your various web pages. Please do not try to earn revenue by repetitively clicking on your own ads. This is called click fraud and should never be done. It will result in your Adsense account being terminated. The money you have earned may very well be lost because of this.

4. View your statistics and earnings by logging into your Adsense account. You can also purchase some wonderful tools that will provide you much better statistics than Google. These statistics can help you improve web page ad placement and increase your income.

5. Optimize your ad placement. Once your pages are up and working, you may still want to adjust the placement of your Adsense ads. You can always pattern your web site after successful web sites that are earning more money. Its not unusual for web site owners to tinker with things after their site starts to earn money. They will do this to increase the revenue they are currently getting. This however, usually takes time combined with trial and error to attain the results desired.

What's needed to increase your Google Adsense earnings?

First, you will need to select a topic for each page. You should try to write your content for each page with only a few targeted keyword phrases. This will allow Google to serve ads to your page that are more relevant, which will then result in higher click through rate for you.

Make your ads look like they are a part of your web page. They should not stick out like a sore thumb. You want your visitor to spot your ads but and allow your content to give them a reason to click. Your content should appear to be the reason for the page and not the ad. You can and should pick colors for your ads that harmonize with the colors of your web page.

Make sure that you test your ad placement. Try various formats until you find what works best for your web pages. Remember, your statistics can greatly help you with determining what works best.

Increase the number of content based pages you have on your web site. Your should widen the theme of your web site. Do this by creating pages that focus on keyword phrases you selected during your keyword research. By doing this, you will be optimizing your web pages for the search engines. This will not only attract more traffic but also make it more targeted for the ads you have displayed.

Using these few tips should greatly increase the revenue you receive from Adsense and allow you to maximize the income generated by your web site.