How You Can Make Money With Google Adsense.

How you can make money with google adsense. its not as easy as you may think.

Google adsense is an great advertising program that can help you earn lots of money from advertising, if used the right way. Google adsense is a powerfull, intelligent and effectiv tool, it can even analyze your website content and from that create targeted advertising themes.

Adsense basically lets you put in small advertising boxes, text based or image ads, (now even also some video advertising) on your webpage. Google adsense can be found in many different shapes and sizes. Squres like 250 x 250, you bigger vertical sized ads to place at the top, buttom left or right.

Signing up for adsense is very easy, you just go to and you will be guided through the whole signup thing. Once you get approved you can copy your adsense code into placement on your website, and you are ready to earn some money.

It works like this:
Lets say you got a website about dogs and dog training, then you can place an ad banner at the top of your page, or where ever you thing it fits best with your design. You can even costumize colors and text to fit your design best possible. Now google adsense may see your site and analyze it thinking okay, its about dogs, so we find some advertisment about dog food, or dog toys. At last just drive some traffic to your website, and then hope for some clicks, because its the clicks you get paid for.

One other thing I hear very often is, people being confused about why 1 click on your ads can give you 5$ and another click you only get 0.20 cents per click. I would like to explain this for those who dont know about it. Some keywords are worth more then others, depending on how popular the keyword is, lets say keywords like dogs, dog food etc. well my guess is this won’t get you as much money then pamela anderson.

Note: yes I know it sound easy, just get some traffic to your site, but I will recomment you to do some reading about search engine optimization also called SEO, and other traffic source ways to get some visitors. Also keep in mind that very few people can make a living just by making a website and get paid by adsense. I see google adsense as an extra income bonus, just try grabbing your calculator at calculate how many visitors you need every day and how few of them will click your ads, then estimate your adsense income from that. Not much but still better than nothing.