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Blog Promotion is an essential aspect in determining the success of a blog. Advertisement, one of the many ways to promote your blog is so far the most effective. Every year, millions of dollars are spent by businesses and bloggers just to advertise their business and blogs respectively. Usually, blogs with high traffic like Techcrunch, Problogger and Boing Boing are often the best places to advertise. However, having your blog advertised at Techcrunch will cost you alot of money but there is an easy way you can do to promote your blog plus it’s absolutely free.

If you are fond of blog hopping or if you are frequently visiting other blogs, make sure you log in to your MyBlogLog account before doing so. This will allow you to promote yourself and your blog for free. In my case, I’ve received most of my traffic referrals from MyBlogLog through off site clicks. In other words, I’ve received traffic for Blogging Mix through other blogs that I’ve visited.I’ve noticed that once you’ve opened your MyBlogLog account, everytime you visit other blogs that have installed the MyBlogLog widget, you automatically appear as a recent reader or visitor. Here’s a shot of Techcrunch’s homepage after I’ve visited the site.

The problem with MyBlogLog widget is that the links are directed to your MyBlogLog account and not to your blog. This means to say that you have to do extra effort to further encourge visitors to click on the link to your blog. Here are some suggestion I found useful.

Use A Catchy Avatar

Try using catchy avatar. Perhaps you can experiment on which avatar get you more clicks. I’ve tried changing my avatar into a cartoon character before but it didn’t work for me so I’ve changed it back to my personal photo. While blog hopping, I’ve noticed several bloggers who use celebrities like Paris Hilton as their avatar. While this scheme is proven effective, you are encouraged not to do this not unless you’ve got permission from Paris. The use of pornographic avatar may as well be effective but this is in violation of the terms of use of MyBlogLog’s services.

Use Descriptive or Catchy Names

Your user name or the name that appears next to your avatar is also important as it may help to increase clicks which you are after. Therefore, make sure to use attractive user names when creating an account with MyBlogLog. User name like hotsexywoman may get your more clicks that using your actual name. Moreover, it’s safer to use code names that your actual name as it may lessen your chances of getting scammed on-line.

Work on Your MyBlogLog Account

Remember that once people click on your avatar from other blogs, they are directed to your MyBlogLog account instead of your blog so it is important that your MyBlogLog account should be working properly. There should be an available avatar of your Blog and you should have a description for it. The description should give potential readers an idea of what they’ll find on your blog. Creating TAGS for you blog will also improve your chances of getting traffic so make sure you don’t leave it untagged. Also, make sure that your RSS is working so that when someone click on the link to your blog account, they’ll find your latest posts. If your latest posts are well-titled and well-introduced, I’m sure you’ll get your MyBlogLog account visitors to visit your blog.

As usual, your comments and or suggestions are most welcome. Moreover, links created through the comment is DoFollow so you also get a love link everytime you post a comment. Thank you for you time.