Tips For Bloggers On Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a common problem among writers. Since bloggers are mostly writers, they too encounter this problem. Writer’s block would mean you’ve got nothing to feed the search engines, which could pose adverse consequences to your search engine traffic. What’s worse is when you experience a long period of “writer’s block”, which is quite possible.

When you come at point of experiencing “Writer’s Block” what should you do? How are you going to overcome it? What are the causes of writer’s block and how should bloggers approach this problem? Here are some tips for bloggers that I managed to compile, most of which are from personal experiences. Hope this works for you as much as it did to me.

Causes and Solutions of Writer’s Block

To solve any problem, knowing it’s sources would be the first step to formulating a solution. So here is a list of the causes and possible solutions to writer’s block.

1. Lack of Inspiration and Motivation - Writer’s block is prevalent among uninspired and unmotivated bloggers. Although bloggers are motivated and inspired in different ways, there is a common solution to this problem. “Blog about the things that you love.” Before you decide to start your own blog, decide upon the topic you are going to blog about. Make sure that you have knowledge about this topic and that you are committed to blogging about it. Otherwise, you’d most likely suffer from recurring writer’s block.

2. Lack of Confidence - Posts on your blog represents the kind of writer/blogger that you are. If your posts are full of grammatical errors or tattered with misspelled words, you are risking your credibility as a blogger. It’s also a big turn-off to your readers. This fact makes bloggers hesitant and scared to write a post because of the fear of commiting mistakes. Come on, no one is perfect and you will certainly not please all your readers so stop trying. You have to remember that practice makes perfect so by continuously writing, gradually, your writing skills will improve. On the process, try to improve your writing skills by reading useful writing tips.

3. Physical and Mental Stress - “Overblogging” may cause bloggers to experience writer’s block. Once your mind and body are overcome by stress, it starts to malfunction. As a result, you might not be able to squeeze your brain for ideas to write about, hence, writer’s block. To avoid writer’s block caused by physical and mental stress, you should take sometimes to rest, eat balance diet and exercise.

4. No Idea For a Topic - In some cases, even when you are confident of yourself, you have good writing skills and you’re in good shape, you still experience writer’s block. To put it simple, you just don’t have an idea for a topic. Well, this shouldn’t be the case if you know that writing quality posts requires alot of reading. In order to be able to write something, you should read. The more you read, the better your ideas. In my case, I wonder around the blogosphere and check out my friends’ blogs. I read UntwistedVotex for it’s unique topics, concise and direct to the point articles. RT, the blogger behind UntwistedVortex, also writes about blogging so I get ideas from reading his posts. I also frequently check Etienneteo for blogging news. ET is certainly updated of what’s in and what’s out so his posts are very useful and informative. For SEO and other blogging related topic, I visit MattNutts. By the way, the blogger behind MattNutts is named Chris and not Matt.

Other Tips For Bloggers To Overcome Writer’s Block

When experiencing writer’s block, don’t force yourself to write. Give yourself a break. Step away from your computer and get a cup of coffee or spend the time with your family. Speaking of family, if you consider browsing the net as a form of relaxation like I do, then you should join BlogCatalog. The community there has been a great source of information and ideas for most of my posts. The discussions is full of various topics you can take part with or get ideas from.

Need more tips to overcome writer’s block? Check out Blogging Mix more often so you’ll get ideas from the latest post. Or, you can simply subscribe to Blogging Mix so you’ll get a copy of the latest post delivered directly to your mailbox. Isn’t that great?

How about you? What do you normally do when you exprience writer’s block? :) Would you mind sharing it?