Construct your Own Cost Free Blog with Blogger

So, how do you construct your blog with Blogger? That’s as simple as three steps and you’ve got your blog. Take time to read the whole of this article to get more details.Blogger is only one of the many free services that Google offers. And in order to maximize the benefits of the other services, I highly encourage you to open an account with Gmail. By having a Gmail account, you can easily access Blogger, Google Analytics, Google Tools for Webmasters, Google Adsense, Google Mail and many more. Although you can always use your non-Google email to create an account with Blogger, I hope you take time to think about the convenience of having one email and one password for all the free Google services. So why not do the same thing I’ve done. It saved me a lot of time and creating an email with Gmail will take you about 2 minutes.

As I was going over YouTube, I found a video clip that contains information about setting up an account with Blogger. I thought it would be easier for you to just watch the video clip and learn from it. You can click on the play button and continue reading while waiting for the video to upload. It will normally take 1 – 5 minutes to upload depending on your Internet connection.

After you’ve watched the clip, try to open a new window for, that way, you can always get back to the video clip and watch it again in case you’ve missed something.

Once you’ve created your blog, you will be prompted to post your first entry but skip that part and get to fix your blog’s layout first. You can do this through the dashboard. Your dashboard will be the first page you will see every time you open your blogger account. This will serve as your control panel. You can use it to post, edit, and design your blog.

In your dashboard, you can find links to Post, Setting and Layout. These three links will enable you to manipulate or edit your blog. I first advice you to visit your setting and customize it according to your preference. Don’t worry about committing mistakes, just try to explore and familiarize yourself with what Blogger has to offer. In case you have encountered some problems; there is always Blogger Help ready to assist. Moreover, Google was kind enough to assign experts to answer Blogger related problems that are not covered by Blogger Help. I’m pretty sure however that Blogger Help will have all the information you need in case you stumble upon some technical problems. If you are through fixing your setting, you can go to your layout and choose the design you want for your blog. With layout, you can choose your preferred template, color combination etc. Go ahead and explore, familiarize and learn what you can do with your layout. Another word of advice, to make your editing easier, you can open a new window so that you can easily check the effects of the changes you have done to your blog.

Finally, if you are satisfied with your blog’s setting and layout… then it’s about time you start posting your thoughts. Now remember to place something in your blog for your friends or visitors to see and read. Never leave your blog without any content. Content, which is one of the three components of the Blogging Mix will be further discussed in the coming posts.

Well, I’m not going to spoon feed you with all you need to know about Blogger. You just have to discover it yourself. In my own experience, I had fun discovering and learning about Blogger so I won’t deprive you of the same opportunity. Just remember that blogging is fun and you should enjoy doing it. If you don’t find joy in it, then you’d better find another avenue to spend your time.