Reduce your Bouce Rate and earn Millions

I hope you all have installed Google Analytics in your blog. If not then quickly do so. The information and means to do it are available here. If you do not already know then you should know that Google Analytics is a tool that provides vital statistics about your website like how many people are visiting it and what time do they spend there etc. As you see above the Google Analytics gives information such as Visits, Page Views, Bounce Rates, Average time spent on the website, new visitors etc.

The most important parameter given above is the Bounce Rate. This is the percentage of people who come to the website and go back without going to any other page on the website. The higher this number the greater number of customers you are losing everyday. The endeavor on the webmaster's part should be to reduce this to bare minimum. In fact the ideal bounce rate should be 0. Any number more than zero is totally unacceptable.

To reduce the bounce rate the following steps must be taken immediately.

1. Targeted keywords: If your website is lacking targeted keywords, then the visitors will not find it relevant to their search results and will therefore move out. The website should not waver from the niche topic. Targeted audience is hard to get if the website covers a wide variety of topics. Your keywords should be there in titles, articles, and all other parts of your website.

2. Get the right look: Make your website look like it should be. If your recipe site looks like an auto review site then the potential audience of chefs will desert it like mice in a drowning ship. The look and feel of the site is therefore, very important. The color scheme and the images used should match the theme of the site.

3. Images in articles: Always insert images in the articles. Bland articles are not binding enough to catch hold of the visitors. Always insert relevant images, illustrations, diagrams in the articles to get the desired visitors to spend more time at your website.

I hope you will benefit from this article of mine and get a good traffic to your website/blog.