Too Much Content for AdSense?

On Make Easy Money with Google and AdSense, there is a post about how having too much content can actually cause problems with your adsense ads.

Adsense detects what type of ads to display by analyzing the content on the page for keywords. If you have too much content on your site from varying categories, the advertisements are not going to even come close to matching up with the content displayed.

A common problem with larger sites is that either there’s no single theme that spans the entire site or the site-wide theme isn’t the topic you want to base the ads on.

Remember, AdSense doesn’t just look at the content of a page to determine which ads to show. It also looks at the content of the other pages on the site as well as the pages that are linked to and linked from the pages in question. On larger sites sometimes the site-wide characteristics override the page-specific characteristics, leading to seemingly untargeted ads.

I noticed this on a few sites I work on, but what can you do?
Well, some tips from the article include making sure to work on improving the on-page elements such as the name of the page, its title, the headings, and keyword rich body content. Basically, do some search engine optimization on the site, which will also help Google figure out what ads to serve for each page on your site.

Posted by David Peralty