Making Money From Blogging - Getting Started

So you want to make money from blogging? Where do you start? With a blog of course. Unfortunately a lot of people want to jump into making money without getting the basics down first.

But before you even get your blog you need to decide what you are going to blog about? If we take the stance that you are going to try and make money from blogging then you need to have a subject that you know about and that can open the door for you to make product recommendations to your readers.

How do you do this?

Look around your house, what is it that you do? Are you a mom with a couple of small kids? You could blog about being a stay at home mom and offer tips and ideas to other moms on what makes your life easier. Are you a guy that is really into RC cars and Airplanes? Start a blog about that and share your experiences and ideas. The sky is the limit.

The main idea though is that you want to talk about something that is going to interesting to other people and add value to their lives. When you do that people will continue to come back to your blog.

If you happen to be stumped at this point then you could just go with a general blog that talks about everything. You may not have a set theme for people to follow but it will allow you to get a feel for blogging and then you can narrow your focus down latter or actually start another blog (don’t get too freaked out, I currently have over 10 blogs that I author).

Anyway, planning is probably one of the most important aspects of any project and that also applies to blogging, especially if you want to make money from it. Sometimes it helps to get out there and read other people’s blogs to get an idea what they are witting about. The best thing to do is take your time. Making money from blogging is not going to happen over night but it can and will happen if you take the time to set things up right.